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Hey I'm Gabriel 

Welcome to GP State Athletics. I have been trying to achieve my best self for a very long time now. when I was a child i was overweight and at the age of 18 my weight was 22 stones, this is without a doubt one of the most taxing challenges that I have ever had to face and as a result of this. I was forced to change my lifestyle and habits, which in turn led into doing some research on sports adjacent concepts such as: personal motivation, the way in which body works( in depth),as well as training methods and programs. I tried dozens of diets to try and see how they would affect my body whilst simultaneously taking part in workshops and courses about fitness, ultimately. This is where the idea of GP State Athletics was born, a platform where my goal is to help people to be healthier and reach their long-established objectives! 



Trust.. this is very hard to gain and very easy to loose. When I meet clients face to face or online, i work a lot in to build  this confidence that is essential for me and you to reach your Goal with the best performance. Be Transparent in everything that i do was one of my first aims from the beginning.


My ambition it’s to help and lead people to a healthier lifestyle and also help them achieve their goals through passion, support, and healthy advice. Reach the very best Physically, mentally and socially of every individual is the ultimate goal. transform your life releasing your inner beast.


From the beginning i always loved to work in a positive and happy  environment. For me, this part it is  one the most important aspects at the time to start a new challenge or simply a daily work out, when we are facing something new, our mood will make the difference to give the 100%.

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